How to Become a Successful MCX Commodity Trader

When you will start mcx commodity trading you have to set your trading strategy, and swiched to a live mcx commodity trading account, you should move on to the next step or step or step.

successful mcx commodity trader

successful MCX commodity trader

  • Keep trade with stop-loss. Otherwise failure is almost certain.


  • You have to develop your trading plan as per your margin.


  • Don’t risk more then 10% of your margin per single trade.


  • Do not involve your emotions in trading.


  • Only trade when you are sure and right movement.


  • Always try to book your profit in intraday.


  • Trading is business don’t believe in luck and gambling.


  • Never blame your trading system.


  • Don’t fear making next trade.


  • Study fundamental news and market demand supply.


  • Do not change your technical view again and again


  • Don’t do average in your tradein.

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