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Professional Amibroker AFL & meta trader MQL programming services in Chennai/ India

AmiBroker is one of the famous technical software package utilized by over 7,00,000 users across the country, we all know that Amibroker ( American Federation of Labor to DLL) is one in all the simplest tools to make custom mercantilism ways, Signal Generation( real-time knowledge for nse & Mcx), playing Technical analysis and even test/validate your mercantilism models. If you would like to rework your mercantilism thoughts into Amibroker American Federation of Labor writing our service is one step higher than others. we have a tendency to use the American Federation of Labor Programming extensively to make complicated Custom Indicators, mercantilism ways, mercantilism Dashboard, purchase & Sell Signal (buying /selling Strategies) Models.

MCX Autorobo Trade Premium Software for Multi Clients

AmiBroker Afl Protection with the License manager

Convert Afl To Dll – Manage your precious Concepts: Amibroker AFL to Dll Conversion in Chennai /India, manage and conceal your precious commerce secrets by using our conversion methodology to boot, we offer license manager to sell the thought while not sharing any of your base information.

Requirements- What we need to Develop Amibroker Afl

These details should be complete and comprehensive to avoid wasted time in understanding the main points of your system. thus every single component of trading logic should be per the e-mail. we want full, complete and elaborate specifications of your indicator, scan, exploration and/or trading system needs.

In the e-mail, Kindly allow us to skills you plan to use the code. Understanding your workflow can facilitate us to perceive your needs a lot of comfortably and that we will specifically tailor created your development!

Where complicated trading systems need loads of debugging, the employment of C#/.NET language for a DLL could also be a lot of acceptable – but this depends on a 3rd party plugins. we are able to code your needs in AFL, that is mostly faster, cheaper and once well written absolutely acceptable for the overwhelming majority of necessities (more than 75th of traders code is AFL). Associate in Nursing alternative|instead|or else} I will code them as an AmiBroker compatible DLL in C++ or C#/.NET as acceptable. DLL’s is wont to obscure mercantilism logic and sometimes execute quicker, though this profit is mostly solely discernible with terribly hardware intensive code.

As an associate example of the type of details we want from you, please consider the following,

What time frame/s does one will use the code in and on what markets/assets?

Advantages of Automatic Trading Software


  • Real-time stream for NSE Equities, NSE choices, and Currencies
  • Support for all exchanges like NSE & MCX
  • Access to 60days of historical tick by tick information.
  • Quality chart information for intraday, daily, and weekly series
  • Access to 120+ period of time streaming quotes for NSE Future Serious
  • Easily change, one-click computer code setup
  • Flexible rating, packages begin at Rs. 600/month

 Indicators: What are you attempting to achieve? does one have a relation to the algorithmic rule behind the indicator?

 Scans: How does one shall use them? What time frame? however often? What time of day? does one want an associated indicator, scan, exploration, a commerce system for backtesting/optimization or real-time machine-controlled trading? What version of AmiBroker are you using? 32 or 64 bit?.

Explorations: What custom columns (if any) does one would like displayed within the report?

Trading Systems: This means I even have to completely perceive your trade management and risk management ways. is that this one security mercantilism system or can it operate at a portfolio level? If portfolio, what’s your position and risk management logic at a portfolio level?. The full definition of mercantilism logic is needed for each entry and exit of positions.

Optimizations: Which parameters are you seeking to optimize? what’s the range of values over that you would like to optimize? What are the default values you’d wish to use?.

BEST Amibroker intraday AFL Provider

Service Terms & Conditions

We guarantee that any details you pass onto the U.S.A. relating to your trading systems, indicators, explorations and/or scans are going to be unbroken within the strict confidence and cannot be employed by myself or the other third party. we are going to deliver the code to the simplest of our talents from the specification you give. we have a tendency to are within the business of writing, and running my very own operating mercantilism systems. If we have a tendency to unable, for no matter reason, to complete and deliver your code any deposits paid by you’ll be promptly refunded fully.

Any alterations and additions to the code might attract more extra charges to hide the value of your time. The code is provided from your specifications. we have a tendency to are happy to rectify, freed from charge, any problems you will have that are because of errors within the code I write, however undue to errors in your specification. All bear no responsibility for any commerce losses, or so the other losses, incurred by you throughout the course of using the code we’ve got provided. However, typically we have a tendency to are happy to create minor alterations to your code freed from charge.

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