gold trend intraday levels Gold International Markets

Intraday Levels and Trend for Gold in the International Markets

Gold trend intraday levels is a special kind of commodity, Gold International Markets extensively on a worldwide. The precious metals like Gold and Silver are also known as Bullions. When we talk about Gold commodity, it has its own Ticker, a contract value and a margin value. To trade effectively in the Gold market you should first try to understand how the commodity market or gold market works. One must try to understand the factors, which are responsible for price fluctuations in this commodity. The trend for Gold in the International Markets read about it below.

Technical analysis is an important factor in anticipating the future price movement of the Gold Commodity. When the technical analysis is combining with fundamental analysis, it renders even better results. In the Technical analysis, the charts of various timeframes are plots against the price of Gold. Also, the support and resistance levels are identified by drawing trend lines.

The support is the level where the price touches many times and bounces up after touching these levels. The resistances are the levels from where the price touches many times and bounce below these levels.


gold trend intraday levels Gold International Markets

Here we are providing the current information for 10th Aug 2018. The current market price or CMP of gold is 29668. Therefore in the medium-long term, the overall trend of gold is bearish. Also, the price of gold is continuously going down. In the current scenario, the commodity gold prices are moving sideways. Presently trend for Gold is trading in the overbought level. The oscillator indicators are providing buy signals as it is recovering from the oversold regions.

As we have seen, the volatility in gold is very less. One can buy Gold above 30108 or one can buy at 29252 with strict stop loss.
Due to this, we consider the short-term scenario the Gold is in HOLD SHORT position. The positional support for the commodity gold is at the level of 29507. The resistance for the gold is at the levels of 29827-30013-30472-30765-30856.

A trend for Gold in the International Markets-

Currently, the Gold is in Hold-Long Position and the Gold commodity is moving sideways so for a short-term investor it is better to buy if gold closes above 29760. For closing below the levels of 29528, we must go for sale. The oscillator here will show sell signal.

Intraday Trend: It is advised to buy above the levels of 29809.1 and a stop loss as 29567.9.
It is also recommended to sell below the levels of 29527.2 with a stop loss at the level of 29768.2
The Intraday-Resistance Levels of gold are in the sequence 29749.6: 29817.4: 29926.9: 29962.9
The Intraday-Support Levels of GOLD are in the sequence 29586.4: 29518.6: 29410.2: 29374.5

Thus, we have provided a detail technical analysis of the Gold under the current scenario. One can follow these support and resistance levels and can trade accordingly. For the intraday trading, multiple support and resistance levels are specified. One can plan his/her trade based on the levels reached. It is caution here that one should trade with a strict stop loss as trading in the Gold Commodity.


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