Real Time Data

Amibroker LSM Data for NSE & MCX in India

  • Real-time stream for NSE Equities, NSE choices, and Currencies
  • Support for all exchanges like NSE & MCX
  • Access to 60days of historical tick by tick information
  • Quality chart information for intraday, daily, and weekly series
  • Access to 120+ period of time streaming quotes for NSE Future Serious
  • Easily enable , one click software setup

Real-Time Streaming Quotes- NSE/ MCX Data for Amibroker

The high-quality information stream powering Active code is sourced directly from originating exchanges, and is delivered straight to your desktop in milliseconds. Active code provides low latency period of time streaming market data for Nse, Nse Fno stocks, options, and currencies. Take a check drive nowadays, and knowledge Active code for yourself.

Integrated Trading

Connect and trade with your broker through Active Platform, while using Active data feed as your dependable source of market data.

Amibroker RT Feed , Active Has You Covered

  • Advanced charting (Amibroker) with over 250 technical indicators
  • Unlimited streaming symbols
  • Real-time and historic time & sales data
  • Integrated trading with your broker
  • Powerful back-testing of trading strategies
  • Real-time automated algorithmic trading
  • Programmable indicators and trading strategies

Tick by tick amibroker Data feed

The data is captured throughout the trading session by Active historical info , Tick knowledge is very helpful for back-testing trading ways since it’s all {the information|the knowledge|the knowledge} required to reconstruct original market data stream for a given image and time vary. Tick knowledge represents original trade info, moreover as bid/ask valuation info.

Data Contents

Data stream primarily consists of two message varieties, trade message and quote message. Trade message represents trade transactions, and is employed to point trading value for an instrument. Quote message on the opposite hand, represents order flow interest, just like bidding or providing a limit order.

Market Data Coverage

Active currently supports real-time streaming data for:

  • NSE -Stocks
  • NSE-Indices
  • NSE- Options
  • NSE- Currencies & MCX- Commodities

HDA Services for NSE /MCX in India

Active Real time information provides capability to access keep historical information on Active historical databases via easy-to-use request/response mechanism.

The data will be requested in multiple ways in which, as well as by image, by time ranges, and by using directional integrators. The Active employs a non-blocking asynchronous request/response model during which the caller doesn’t got to look ahead to request completion, and might still work once a call for participation is created.