BEST Strategies in MCX Commodity Trading

Different Types of Strategies in Commodity Trading

Commodity trading provides you with immense strength and potential to become a master in the market trading of commodities. Commodities play an essential role as an essential in our daily life. The food that is used for our consumption and the metals used by us are termed as commodities.


If you want to be a successful trader in the commodity market, then you must be aware of the tricks and business strategies in commodity trading. Strategies in commodity trading are plans for investing and trading commodities in this market. The profits and losses are typical in any marketing field, especially in commodity marketing, but the only thing to be balanced in equal proportion of both loss and gain. Hence it is essential to construct a strategic plan to stand unique from your competitors.


Apart from learning the marketing skills and being aware of the world news, you must require the skills needed to master the commodity market. A trader must be capable of learning a chart correctly because it provides you the basic knowledge about a stock that you are going to trade. So, below are some of the tips you should follow in commodity trading:


  • Understand the direction of trade and that will help you to move on the right path towards success.


  • Create your strategic plan and stick to it because it is always said that if you fail to plan; then you plan to fail.


  • Learn to know yourself and so that you can keep your confidence level at high.


  • Learn how to stop losses and maximize the profits. It is one of the most critical strategies should be monitored for the complete trading period. Because the success rate of your trade is purely based on the proportion of loss and gain.


Types of commodity trading strategies:


  • Range Trading Strategy


The strategy that uses the Range bar strategy as its principle is said as Range trading strategy. It is the way of making a purchase of commodity that is ranked at the bottom of the support page (range)  and trading at the top of that range. Range trading strategy is implemented when the commodity market is skipped out of its direction. Initially, you must find the range of your stock or product using the support zone. Then find the profits and losses in the short term and connect the areas. Managing risk is a critical part that influences the success rate of your range based strategy. Most often the failure in range trading strategy happens. When one tries to sell a commodity or a product after a long period. Because this makes the price of the commodity to reach its peak and eventually the selling of the commodity is declined.


  • Break-Out Trading


Breakout trading Is the standard way used by most of the lively investors and traders. Who maintain a firm position in the commodity market. This strategy is the commencing factor. That determines the price moves of products in the commodity market. And the direction of stock rates. Breakout is defined to be the stock rate. That has skipped out of it’s directed range or resistance level in the commodity market. Eventually, the enormous explosion in the price range and price movement is the primary cause for a breakout. When the price movement is above the resistance level, then it causes a significant risk for your range trading strategy. The simple technique behind the breakout trading is that the market cannot survive without making trends. Hence it is essential to building a strong breakout trading strategy, that withstands even at the time of new highs and new lows.


  • Fundamental trading strategy


There are certain norms and rules must be followed when you buy or trade a commodity in the market. The fundamental trading strategy is the method that provides you the critical events which help you to determine the best time to buy and sell the products or stock in the commodity market. Initially, the fundamental trading strategy is quite hard to understand, because it requires some additional marketing knowledge in commodity marketing. It is the most crucial strategic plan that is directly connected to the buying and selling of the products in the commodity market.



There is a saying “Always sow the good; so that you can harvest the gain.” Likewise, you can implement. These trading strategies in your trade to be a successful trader.

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